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Friday, 26 November 2010

Aspic and Flowers on Friday

How appetising does ‘aspic’ sound? Mmm Yum.  Or does it just suffer from sounding like accrid and anthrax......more delicious than jelly and aspic though is this old box for their moulds, it seems to go perfectly with this flower painting.  I often find I've put things next to each other that match, although the decision is subconscious.
The painting is from a Paris flea market, it was 20 euros when I picked it up and 10 as I put it down, so into the collection it came. I like the damage to it on the right - this is real shabby chic, not fake!


  1. Precisely - that's the real shabby chic - things beautifully distressed with time and history - not because it's been made to look good!

    I have a new painting within my Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/listing/62142098/vintage-still-life-hyacinth-painting - the painter looks as if after completion thewy decided that they weren't so keen on it after all, as the subject seems to be part blurred away! I love things llike this and wonder what teh story was behind it all...

  2. Had a look at your hyacinth, quite ghostly I thought, curious technique. I have a strange hyacinth painting too, it leans, so it's a weird choice and composition which you'll see here before long.


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