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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Urban Upholstery

Urban Upholstery has just opened a collective show celebrating their 2nd anniversary by presenting work from other designers of interior products.
I have 2 pieces of work for sale there. This Jelly Bowl Lantern is a particular favourite of mine. I found the long opal glass drops in a shop on Portabello Rd and decided to mix them with raspberry and green with little bits of olive green. I love opaline glass, it fleshes things out a bit as I think glass alone can be …….too glassy.  The show is on until the end of January next year. Do join us at the open weekends on the 27/28th Nov and 4/5th Dec. More info is listed on the Urban Upholstery Events Blog.


  1. Madeleine - I LOVE this jelly bowl lantern - like I do all your products - amazing!!

    Do you make pieces like this that you can just fit onto an already existing light (abit like a shade)? Something like this would be fantastic for my kitchen!! ;-)


  2. Hi Houdini,
    Thanks. I don't, partly because I always want to try and make something bigger and more sophisticated than a small piece that you could (?) make easily yourself and partly because I'm very cautious about how much weight a cable should bear, I have thought about it though.
    Hope you're well xx

  3. You are really talented, these chandeliers are incredible! I really love this one in particular.


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