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Thursday, 28 October 2010


This day last year I was arriving in Tokyo. I'd always wanted to see the red maples of Autumn. On my previous visit I'd left just as they were going orange so I didn't see the full effect. Then, last year friends took me back to Fuji country during the maple viewing season and it has to be one of the most aesthetically perfect things I've ever seen, breathtaking. Fuji was snow tipped, the sun was pouring through the leaves and the sky was blue. This area is perhaps my favourite place on earth. I had buried some of my brothers ashes at the root of a maple tree here in 2005. Needless to say I was deranged by his death from cancer and I was so sad that I couldn't tell him I was having an exhibition in Japan. I decided to take some of his ashes with me and find a place of beauty for them. I did clear this with the airline beforehand! Maples were his favourite tree and I felt so happy to have found such a stunning spot for him right opposite Mount Fuji.

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  1. No wonder the place is so special to you - with such memories of colour and beauty - and a small rememberance of one you love there too. I bet your brother would have loved that view so much ;-) Sending you big hugs - Al x


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