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Monday, 6 September 2010

Sunday Market Finds

I went hunting for things for my work on Sunday and found NOTHING. I did find other things that I really don't need though: Novels with fantastic covers for £1 each - there were lots but I managed to limit myself to just three and I do hope to get around to reading them too. Aren't they fantastic works of art! I also found some old knitting needles for my collection. Lastly I bought 3 dishes with lovely hand painted flowers on for £2 the lot. If I'd found some items for the chandeliers to balance up with I'd feel alot less indulgent.
I thought I was trying not to acquire more stuff!?, but then look at these bargains - how could I have resisted?


    1. I wish you could come thrifting with me, I never seem to find anything decent just natty old stuff that is overpriced!! i like to see your latest haul!!

      Thanks for the lovely comment x

    2. Well done on your lovely finds ;-) - and what bargains. I nipped tot he market again myself yesterday and teated myself to a few beautiful things - all for a few quid. Haven't got round to photographing them as yet - but will post them on my blog - one procrastinatory moment I get - no doubt this weekend.

      Hope you're well xx

    3. That's what I love about markets, you always come away with surprises

    4. uh, could you maybe share your fav markets in and around london? those finds look great!

    5. Well these things were from a Sunday morn market at the far end of East Street off the Walworth Rd; there are just a few junk stalls.


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