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Friday, 17 September 2010

CoCo Chocolate

These two chandeliers are on their way to Australia. Rebecca Knights-Kerswell commissioned them for her organic chocolate shops in Sydney choosing favourite colours that she uses in her Coco Chocolate products.
She also had these little glass candy canes made especially by Mary Angus Glass in the US. It’s always fun making chandeliers for a specific destination and this one was particularly mouth watering, as you can see from the Coco Chocolate website. Here in the UK Rebecca has a shop in Edinburgh and in London we can find her chocolate at Harvey Nichols and Selfridges. For those of you down under in Sydney the shop is in Kirribilli with a 2nd opening this month in Mosman. Look out for the chandeliers appearance sometime in October! 
Looking at the online shop, I think I’ll be doing some Xmas shopping here. I’ve just been perusing it and amongst the chocolate found something I’ve been looking for – crystallized rose petals. I made an experimental pear tarte tatin recently with almond and rosewater and I wanted some to scatter on top, so next time I make it; hopefully it will be perfected with these.


  1. Love them and can't wait!!!
    Rebecca - Coco

  2. Madeleine - these are simply stunning!!!

    My Mum had some glasses exactly the same as the glass hanging upside down on the first picture. I love the red and green on the last picture though - they are the perfect colours for my lounge!!

    Hope you're well - Al x


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