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Sunday, 4 July 2010

Mutant Buttons

I was going through my button collection - it's quite a good one as I used to work in a fantastic button shop in Covent Garden the 1980's. I've been looking for nice metal buttons for a commission for a stylist in Tokyo, I'm making a more masculine piece than usual. Anyway I found some metal buttons for the job but I also rediscovered my Mutant Collection!
Isn't it great? I used to put aside all the buttons that were punched off-centre or had no holes at all. They've been in a plastic bag ever since but the blog gives me a chance to put them on show.


  1. I have thousands of buttons I have collected over the years but then I am a lot older than you :)

  2. Hi Di, You should put them on show perhaps, you have a good eye so I bet it's a great collection, maybe all us bloggers could do regular button posts! I have others which are really worth sharing.

  3. Only just seen this post, it screams found art to me and has other emotive qualities than just a pile of buttons. Nature isnt perfect and that is one of its most important elements that makes it beautiful. These buttons arn't perfect and that makes them natural, and more beautifull (and rarer) than every day buttons.
    P.S. i love a button box rummage especially someone elses : )


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