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Sunday, 2 May 2010

A Corner of my Studio

As a general rule I don't like to think any of the objects I find are too precious to be used in my work - the opposite in fact, I like to think I can surrender anything if it's the perfect object to make the whole piece work. It's not always easy and little collections have accumulated here and there, often of mini objects.
Here there is a little cake slicer from a charity shop in Sydney, I love it because it looks like a plasterers tool, a chocolate mould that says Leon Letang on it, a very skinny little pastry cutter, a brassy tea strainer, a tarnished Japanese cutter - it has 5 petals, maybe plum or cherry blossom, a little engraved glass from a Paris flea market, an oblong biscuit cutter and a tiny perfume bottle left over from a commission for Penhaligon's perfume shop where I made a chandelier in my style but incorporating their bottles - it's in the Covent Garden shop. Also I love these bits of wood with dripped paint and one day I may use them in a construction too.


  1. How fabulous is this chocolate mould?? lovely to meet you on Friday, cant wait to see your fabulous creations on here xx

  2. Hi Madeleine, Al from Thoughts of Houdini told me of your beautiful work a while back, they really are so beautiful.

    I was wondering if you could use some tiny glass jars for your chandeliers? Have a read of my blog post...


    ...and if they could be of use to you please do email me at abby@bubsbears.com

  3. Hello Abby,
    Yes I've really enjoyed looking at your blog via Houdini, and congrats on the fundraising total so far. I'll have a look at the jars and get in touch if they're useful, Thank you.


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