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Friday, 16 April 2010

Tidying Up? Ha!

I used to be able to tidy this work top regularly. Now it seems impossible - it's become home to so many things that there isn't room for on the shelves. I do know what's here and where, so it does work.
I didn't get that Easter clearing buzz I was hoping for but if it does arrive I'll have a go at clearing this.
I might show you when it's done but I'm sure it wont be so photogenic.
Speaking of photogenic here's Otis again - I was going to sort out all the pieces of bubble wrap, but Otis thought it was a great game, so, so far a real team effort on no spring cleaning!


  1. Wow that looks great! I love creative mess like that! - well, as long as there's a door I can close so that I can't see it at the end of the day.

    I live in an Victorian attic flat which is scrummy - but there's a real lack of space!!! The rooms are big, but sadly there's very few of them! So mine - and my partners - creative mess is all over - inescapable - aaaaarrrrgggghhhhhh!

    And then of course Merlin, well she's addicted to anything shiny and sits there playing with it - and licking it - for hours. If I get the sellotape out she goes mad! She has a box full of cat toys - but only wants what I'm playing with! I don't mind though! It's tres cute ;-)

    My friend is organising a fundraiser for Cancer Research - will you do a little post of it on your blog please to spread the word? She wrote it last night on hers (MutteringsFromTheMoor) - and I intend to blog about later on mine - just copy and paste mine if you want.

    OOh, and another thing - there's some lovely little crystal chandelier drops on my local market - £1 each. She has a box full - might be able to barter - would you be interested in buying if they're still there? I'm sure you have plenty of stuff - but after discovering your beautiful chandeliers whenever I see gorgeous glass I think of you! They might have gone - but just thought I'd mention.

    Hope you're well Madeleine xx

  2. Hi Houdini,
    I've done a post for the fundraising and hope it may help to reach the target, always a great cause and I'll urge my friends who dont know my blog yet to follow the trail to the raffle.
    I'll get back to you on the glass, are they special pieces do you think? I have alot of the regular drops. I've put my e-mail on my profile now so you could even send a snap of them if the dealer would let you.
    Very well thanks and hope you've had a great weekend.
    M x


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