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Wednesday 30 August 2017

Champagne Challenge

I had never come across hollow stemmed champagne glasses until someone asked me to make a chandelier from their collection. It's quite a large collection so I don't know how their existence had passed me by - clearly I have lots more to learn, that's good.

My main task was how to make the chandelier not look just like a load of glasses. As I'm sure I've mentioned here before I'm not a fan of wacky upcycling that screams at you about what it used to be. The other task was to work out how to join them to a frame in a satisfactory way aesthetically. They are much bigger than the components I'm used to working with.

So here's the finished piece which is just under a metre long. All the stems are held by spring clips so they can be easily taken out for transportation and cleaning and then just slotted back in. I prefer this way of joining things than a permanent way, it allows flexibility in handling and repair. I never try to disguise the hardware in my chandeliers - I love all the little clasps, hooks, nut's and bolts, my style is very much like that of old Meccano.

The clients took a risk in commissioning something new to me because it meant they didn't know exactly what they'd be getting. I did some drawings to show them but really the possibility was in my mind and not easy to put on paper. So much can change once I start drilling holes and assembling. I'm happy to say they are very pleased with their chandelier and we shall soon be installing it in their conservatory.


  1. Wow, Madeleine, that's really gorgeous! You have such a wonderful eye.
    Bottoms up to you!


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