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Tuesday 7 February 2017

Speedy's Cafe

I'd put this on Instagram but it's worthy of a blog post. If you've watched any of new Sherlock you'll recognise this as the front door to his flat above Speedy's cafe. The cafe appears as it is, in the series, not tweaked by set designers but my better discovery on visiting is that it is a proper unspoiled traditional London cafe. I spent my 20's and 30's frequenting these kind of cafes. I'd cycle to the west end from Brixton, go to the old Arts Council bookshop on Long Acre (remember that!) see what they had in the sale, go round Soho, see exhibtions, have films processed etc., and this was a well trodden path by most art students. Most of these cafes were run by cockney Italian or Greek families. Sadly they have diminished in number over the years and I now cherish the ones that are left. 

This place was super friendly and filled with a mix of regulars and Sherlock pilgrims. There's a dining room menu as well as the usual sandwiches. I had a big dish of tasty pasta with fresh herbs and everyone in my party enjoyed their choices so we'll definitely be going back. It's simple inside and I love the mirrors reflecting the waitress into infinity. It's on North Gower Street near Euston Square tube station.

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