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Monday, 11 January 2016

Is there life on Mars?

Brixton Pound

There can't be an artist in the world who has not in some way been affected by David Bowie; stunning innovator and originator.  If I had to choose my favourite era it's Ziggy Stardust and that one legged lurex outfit - what a Man!  
I also love this little played song appropriately called "My Death", a beautiful take on a Jaques Brel song.  Have a listen to this and admire the breadth of the man.


  1. REALLY awesome! Thanks for posting that, dear one. Kx

  2. Totally captivating isn't it, and so bare you really hear his voice at it's best I think. Also he has tears at the end, it really feels like he's moved himself performing it as much as he's moved us listening.


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