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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

I have never wanted a fitted kitchen

In Shortlife Housing Co-ops life is very DIY. I bought my double stainless sink from a scrapyard for £5 many years ago and built a wooden frame for it. Our housing co-op now faces eviction. We will soon be in court and could lose our homes of 30 years.

In the photo below, you'll see that when I repainted the room a folk-arty blue I couldn't bring myself to lose the previous terracotta completely so I left these borders, nice no?, so much better than a full sweep of one colour and it keeps a little bit of history.

I had never wanted my place to be in a magazine, I love looking at other peoples but always felt private about my own. But then I photographed it because I had to start moving favourite things somewhere safer since the council threatened us with an injunction - that's 48hours to get out. This wasn't granted by the courts (twice) however it will be attempted again and the fear remains.

I love a slightly scruffy well evolved kitchen. I loathe anti-septic units, why do people want a kitchen like a hospital medicine cupboard? I always rather fancied living in an old fashioned railway carriage.


  1. That must be so frightening to not know whether you will be staying or leaving. Your pictures are lovely and I wish you well and good news!
    Mary Anne

  2. Thank you Mary Anne - we have a stay of execution until more court days so the outcome is still unknown. It really is a testing time.


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