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Thursday, 11 July 2013


This one is almost finished - it was in progress here and going a bit Jules Verne..... you can see how it turns out if you come to Tent during Design week in September. Hall T1 Stand DO9. I thought this was possibly a change from slick product shots. I tend to like things a bit rough around the edges, think branding is overrated and get disappointed when people re-do their blogs so they look like a magazine. I'm not sure why this is; perhaps it's like preferring drawing to a finished painting - you can feel all the workings, the journey and struggle.


  1. I agree on every count!
    Now I'll have a reason to go to Tent!

  2. Or perhaps because we like handmade beauties instead of glossy mass-produced things? What is the point of making a hand-crafted item appear factory produced...

    This photo is beautiful because we get a glimpse of some the wonderful personal details that you have put into this chandelier :)

  3. Thanks guys. If you dont make it to Tent you will see a photo of the finished version here probably - but not a slick one!


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