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Sunday, 17 March 2013


This is the beginning of my second studio I'm setting up here on the edge of Dartmoor. It's not exactly by choice - my mother has had a stroke - what dreadful things they are and so common - so I'm needing to be away from the London studio part time but wanting to work when I'm not at the hospital. I often wonder how other people cope with the mix of professional life and crisis with friends or family health, though it's not a new scenario for me to down tools to be bedside. I suppose we creative self-employed people are lucky to have a more flexible set up than many. Anyway I found this nice old tin and thought I'd keep my new tools in it. I hate cheap crappy far eastern tools - I'd rather pay more and get a decent pair of pliers but they're hard to find so sadly I succumbed to the £1 guys - lets see how long they last! What a cynical activity it is to produce a load of cheap rubbish to make a fast buck.
Countryside tales to come!

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