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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Food Bank

It's very nice to have lots of thriving independent eateries on my doorstep in Brixton. The market seems to have the right balance but there is a real threat that rents will just soar and that these places could become a victim of their own success. So far the big names have not muscled in. Also this movement 'up' of the area had cleared out some drug dealers - very good news.

However there's an edge to watching this that makes me uncomfortable - the difference between those who can afford to eat out and those who now need to use the Food Bank. I read about my local food bank in the Brixton Bugle - the paper arm of The Brixton Blog and am horrified that we now have hungry neighbours amongst us. Just google to find your local food bank, go on, they tell you what they need. I spent just an extra £5 on my shop before Xmas and dropped in non perishable food.

Why cant benefits be a bit more to meet food costs? - all the money goes back into the economy at local shops, claimants aren't going to put it in an off shore account are they?! no, so it stays in the economy and then everyone's a winner.
Re the last photo - I don't eat meat - it being corpses and therefore unappetising - but I do like big simple words hand painted with shadows.

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