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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Olympic Round Up

Well it was fantastic! - and to think how many of us Londoners were dreading the invasion and congestion of our city - it was great to see supporters everywhere. I've been trying to work out why the Olympics is SO moving, apart from the athletes giving it their all. I think it's the coming together of all the different countries with a common language that unites everyone and transcends other differences. Really everyone was supporting everyone not just their country's athletes.

Men's swimming marathon in the Serpentine

There's not an awful lot to see in the marathon swimming but I hope the children I went with will remember the atmosphere in years to come and that they did see some of the 2012 Olympics live.
Speaking of marathons......

........here is the Mo Farah of sleeping, Otis, gold medal due for stamina in sleeping all evening, all night and into the next day mid afternoon. Spectacular.

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  1. The Olympics represent our hope for what could be. At its best, we are all united in our celebration of the hopes, dreams and hard work of our athletes. At its worst, our athletes are targets and political pawns.


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