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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Another post about Cats not Arty stuff

I love the RSPCA

This little wormy fleabag of kitten came into my life this weekend. After trying to find the source of mewing in a long, cluttered alley way, a neighbour and I finally caught this wild, scared little guy, he gave me a good biting but later calmed down and enjoyed some love and attention. Much as I loved him, that took a split second - I cant have a 2nd cat right now and this one needed a full medical going over. We called the RSPCA and they were fantastic. Because of them this story has a happy ending. He'll be cleared of worms, fleas and mites, comforted from his trauma and go to a good home and become someone's beloved.
I'm definitely sending a donation to the RSPCA.


  1. He's so beautiful. I hope he finds a home soon. xx

  2. Lucky puss with a happy ending hopefully. M x

  3. Awww very gorgeous!!! A little snuggle ball for Otis?

    I wouldn't be without Misty now - butI do regret getting another kitten....Merlin is still NOT happy!!!!

    1. I made the hard, heart-tugging decision not to keep him. He needs alot of care and cure and Otis is happy as he is so I dont want to upset what works just because a cutie appeared. Also a neighbour has a vicious Bengal which already makes our lives restricted and I didn't want to subject him to that, so I had to say good bye but he'll be someone's sweetheart very soon.

    2. Wise decision - wish we had used our head slightly more. Misty is half Bengal - and is bonkers! She's sleeping at the moment...and looks like butter wouldn't melt!!

    3. Well I really hope Merlin gets used to her. Otis looked so calm and happy this week I know I made the right decision and of course stray kittens could appear regularly and I cant have them all. Finding the little ginger guy on the edge of survival really got to me though.


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