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Thursday, 10 May 2012


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As you'll have seen from my Flowers on Friday posts, I love a certain kind of amateur painting. I still buy them now and again even though I don't really have room for any more as I'm not a fan of cluttered walls, I like lots of breathing space and hang pictures in clusters.

I found this in a charity shop this week for £10. It's about 2 foot wide. I've actually hung it quite high in the bathroom so you can look at it lying in the bath. I had a landscape epiphany at the David Hockney exhibition recently - it took my breath away and I finally understood about a painter wanting to drag you into the beauty of landscape. I don't think I'd really got that before, but then Hockney is generous beyond description, overwhelming. He's opened my eyes more to the genre, I'm sure that's why this painting struck me: it's so charming and the distance rolling away is believable. I learned other things re the Hockney exhibition which is don't think you already know what your response will be and don't be put off by crowds.


  1. I'm yet to be converted to landscapes, but I also haven't been to the Hockney yet so I will take your advice.

    1. Oh No - you missed it, unless you go to Bilbao or Frankfurt! His movies with 9 cameras mean that as you sit watching, the trees pass over your head as you travel deeper into the woods. Well, he really did it for me and I wasn't expecting it which made it all the sweeter.


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