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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Key to the Future

I had the pleasure of working in Teddington School recently to help students  realise their designs for a large hanging sculpture.

This new school replaced an old one from which they kept all the keys and always had it in mind to use them in a sculpture. The main frame is laser cut (magic) based on one students idea for the main form. I helped them with joining techniques. They have fantastic facilities but I'd forgotten what a hectic day a school day is, so the actual making time they had was tight - and we had to finish it in one day - and the hottest day of the year so far!

We had done alot of planning and collecting likely components, but the really exciting thing was starting the day when the sculpture didn't exist, and ending it with an impressive creation. I'm really looking forward to seeing it fully assembled and installed.

So a huge well done to all the year 7 and 9 students who took part.


  1. fantastic Madeleine! What an achievement and such a cool sculpture - do post some pics when it's installed. The kids must have had such fun.
    I used to teach art in secondary schools and I could just imagine your day! Teaching must be one of the hardest jobs in existence - but I still remember brilliant pieces of work made by kids from years ago, so you can get a big kick out of the job too.

  2. Wow - that looks fantastic - well done. What an experience for you - and for the children too - I bet you've inspired at least a few of them to go into relevant careers later in life...as days like that stay with you for a very long time!! x

  3. This is a really fantastic project! I'm pleased to see you are sharing your skills. very inspiring!


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