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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Exhibited in Plymouth

This was my first time exhibiting in Plymouth - my home town. I left it aged 18 desperate to get to London. Decades later it has a fast growing arts scene - thankfully - and Plymouth Arts Weekender is in it's 2nd year. Six Caroline Place is the project of Charlotte Squire who selected 8 artists for Uncanny World of Interiors. The setting has layers of domestic unspoiled-ness (I loathe all those super modernised interiors you see when perusing rightmove etc.) - a perfect backdrop.

Holding their own against the funky wallpaper are the skillful, intriguing paintings by David Edmond.

A curious corner created with a sculpture (made from interior items) by Charlotte Squire and paintings by David Edmond against the wallpaper that Charlotte and inhabitants haven't decided whether to keep yet or not; lovable and livable are different things aren't they?!

Where the wallpaper is gone there are many different coloured patches of plaster wall; gorgeous colours and textures. I loved showing my chandeliers here because the texture of my tarnished and rusty metal items felt so at home in a space that also showed it's history. It was a fantastic weekend chatting to the many visitors doing the Plymouth art trail - thanks to all who took part!


  1. Oh your work is so wonderful! I had the same wallpaper in my old farmhouse (built in 1885) in Illinois. Dang stuff was nearly indestructible but a great backdrop to the art you showed. You are such a creative inspiration!!

  2. Oh Thank you - I feel well and truly flattered! I am curious to see how much of the wallpaper survives and for how long so at next years Plymouth Art Weekender you'll get an update!


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