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Monday, 27 July 2015

How much Wiggley Food do you eat?

Just a thought....

The kitchen utensils in the picture with the wooden painted handles - what are they for? cutting a wiggley edge on something - but what? It was whilst wondering this that I realised just how much of our food is created wiggley. Now some of it is obviously to create more crispy crust. I used a pastry cutter in the kitchen for the 1st time in my life recently!!! I made scones for a Devonshire cream teas. When I was growing up we just used a glass tumbler upside down; why have another object when an existing one can multi task?
Lots of pasta shapes are wiggley - I know this is designed to hold sauce, so the shapes hold more or less sauce in their ridges and folds, but then some of it must be purely decorative - like zig-zaggy edges on ravioli. I suppose ridges in brioches and cakes help you to cut even sized portions, is that why jelly bowls have ridges - for serving slices? If I was an academic I think I'd take on a PhD on this, what fun the research would be!


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  2. Perhaps they were used to cut chips? In Norway, where I grew up, chips are always wiggly. Sleek chips seem like the person who made them couldn't be bothered to do them properly...

  3. Ah, but the but the wiggly chip makers couldn't be bothered either if they cheated and used one of these - Thanks, I may have a go...


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