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Monday, 16 March 2015

Recent Treasures

On my way to Dartmoor Prison Museum (quirky and worth a visit) I found a charity shop I hadn't known before and despite thinking I've got a grip on acquiring more stuff....well it seems I haven't. The toast rack and glasses are permitted because they're for my work, but the teapot was £1, so I had to have it. In fact sometimes I buy things that are now fashionable to collect even if I don't want them myself, because I have done a vintage stall and sold things off, but I don't know if I'll get around to doing this again. So the teapot was going to be to sell on or more likely for a friends birthday but then I had alot of people around this week and only this big teapot could cope.
The collection of hat pins are from a charity shop in Tavistock, £1 for 7, so great bargains all round.

This little painting on hardboard was £3 in Tavistock market, from a stall holder who I think has a good eye for things and I do try to mostly resist. I got my wooden spectator stand from her. Yes I don't need any more paintings but this was small, lovely, a bargain and I love that it's of a craft/industry, it's so so charming - had to have it!

And these handsome compressed recycled paper things are Jailhouse Briquettes from the Prison Museum shop; £2.50 for a big bag so I'm trying them out in the wood burner. I confess to buying them because they look so amazing. They work and are good for filling in gaps between larger logs in the wood-burner.

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