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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Urban Sightings

In this wig shop in Brixton I spotted something I've never seen before........fake grey roots!

How inspired is that??!!
I have to wonder if this caught my eye because I let my roots go over 6 months ago, I just cant be bothered to henna anymore and don't want to have orange hair in middle age, and what do I find - grey hair is really trendy!

But back to redheads; near my studio in East London I saw this beautiful fox trying to sleep curled up in the middle of a landscaped area amid flats and surrounded by loud traffic. It seemed such a strange spot to choose but it beats public art (!) 'challenging your perceptions' of fox beds.
He had perfect markings with black tipped ears that twitched as I walked past him. Beautiful. I love him.

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