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Sunday, 16 March 2014

The Whole Package

How did we manage before bubble wrap? what a great invention, and accidental as it was first intended for wallpaper, then the inventors thought it could be insulating but finally realised it was a great packaging material.  I found this great page when looking up the history of bubble wrap.. as you do. How have I not spent my googling hours looking up the history of boxes and packing tape too? but they cover all that and more. Their page on bubble wrap has several videos, one where you really cant see how it's made but has a very board looking machine operator and some mad music (with accordion!) one Chinese one that does show you the machines making it and one of cats jumping on it and popping the bubbles. All well worth a watch!

Latest Finds

I found this crate a few months ago, it's debris from Brixton's gentrification. I wondered why such a great box had been thrown out, especially as I know how much crates cost if you need them custom made. I looked up the name on it and the firm make plasterwork so someone round the corner has an elaborate plaster ceiling rose. I'm going to make it into a cupboard sometime with a shelf and some doors.
Shortly after finding this I found another gentrified box in the same street.

Well it's perfect shelving already, especially for bits and pieces in my studio. Again I wonder why it was put out for collection and they didn't have a use for it or the imagination for that.
I used to find nice old furniture in skips (in the good old days) but now with this posh packaging I shall make my own for the 'post shabby chic era'

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