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Sunday, 3 November 2013


It's cooled to autumn - my favourite season - and so apart from beautifully coloured leaves it's also time to start admiring cats keeping warm. This is a friends cat, Treacle who lives in the countryside. As I started spending more time there I was going to post more photos but got unnerved by the dastardly local council bods trying to evict us who used this information in their social cleansing campaign, implying I may want to leave the area anyway - how weird, I don't. I am still in South London! and we don't go back to court til April.
Grayson Perry has been very interesting in his Reith lectures: talking about artists as the shock troops of gentrification. It's true, we move into an area people didn't much want to live in, clean up the dirt, make it buzzy and interesting and then the developers move in - he therefore suggested you should pay artists to live in these places for free. Yes! It's so saddening, when will planners and developers start counting us in as an asset instead of squeezing us out? Have a listen here on BBC iplayer.

I had bravely, or stupidly, walked through a field with a bull in it on the way to fondle an egg from under this bird and have tea with freshly baked cake using her eggs.

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