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Monday, 6 August 2012


 I was late to get Olympic fever, it only kicked in after the opening ceremony - so I went to one of the free events, the women's triathlon in Hyde Park - so glad I did, these women were super human. I'd collapse after the swim but they got on bikes and then ran, all without stopping for a couple of hours. Respect! what stamina! And look there's a Brit leading, she came 5th and the Swiss girl above won beating the Swede by a millimetre or something crazy.

I love this disinterested dog
in the crowd.

Miraculous Technology


You cant see this properly but thanks to the French lady in front of me with iplayer on her smart phone a group of us were able to watch the nearby swimming live without losing our good spot on the track.

And seeing me take a photo of her phone the aspiring triathlete next to me did the same so I took a photo of the photo - a memento of our enthusiasm as spectators more than a great image.

And to round off an amazing Olympic weekend, by chance I found myself in Olympic country,  it's great urban landscape, and felt like a tourist with my first glimpse of the stadium from a train. We got much closer than this and I have to say it was really exciting knowing that Usain Bolt and Christine Ohuruogu were in there warming up.
I've always been inspired by the rigour of athletes, gymnasts and dancers, you don't always get rigour in art, it can be quite flaky, but usually if it is good it's journey has been rigourous.


  1. I've been enjoying them in bits and pieces here, literally. NBC has been breaking up the events with too much commentating. Grrrr.


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