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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Home Improvements

I know you've been wondering how they are......and look how much the dray has evolved since all the paper and plastic etc came in and they shredded it. It's so tempting to do a pastiche on art critic waffle on this.....in keeping with the 'fibre arts' movement this installation blends a subtle mix of colours and textures and creates a true reflection of the way we live today - yes Art Squirrel has forged something both luscious and impoverished that reflects the contemporary urban struggle, yet recalls jazz improvisation and employs chance to make decisions commenting on survival itself, this is life on the edge.........Stop, no what I really wanted to say is look how much it's changed from it's early days.

People actually get paid to write stuff like that you know......


  1. What a clever little squirrel. You are so right it really does look like some modern art installation!Sarah

    1. It really is beautiful, I wish I'd taken a photo every day so I could do a melt thing of it evolving.


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