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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Cafe Cats and Cat Cafes

Spotted this well camouflaged cat at Seven in Brixton Market today.

Tiger is from the veg shop behind but has adopted this spot - very wise.

                            At the Scooterworks cafe in Waterloo Bobatina chooses a good seat....

...from which to get all the attention she needs.

In Japan a Cat Cafe is a whole different thing - like a brothel with cats! Lovely cats will join you at the table.....

Before I went to the Hapineko cafe, I had a look at their website. You can look at albums of photos of each of the cats - called "staff". When I got there a Siamese called Mimi made straight for my lap, so of course she was my instant favourite.
These cafes started because cats are so popular in Japan but flats are often small with no outdoor space and people work long hours - so instead of owning your own you can buy a coffee and a half hour in a cat cafe!


  1. those Japanese have got it about right! I'd love a cat cafe round the corner from my studio.

  2. What a fantastic series of photographs! Scooterworks looks a lovely little cafe. I will have to pop in sometime. What a small world I was talking about your great blog and wonderful work to my friend Amanda Jenks. She was art school with you! Sarahx

    1. I love Scooterworks, you have to go there, its a bar in the evenings too, on Lower Marsh next to What the Butler Wore. Yes I remember Amanda, that seems a long time ago!
      Hope all's well
      M x

  3. Awww how beautiful - love that Japanese cafe - would we be able to get away with it here in this country with such strict health and hygiene regulations? If so, we should start one: cats, chandeliers & cards. Perfect! x


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