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Friday, 21 October 2011


These are the smallest chandeliers I make. The tealights will give you an idea of the size. They give me the chance to use very subtle components that would be lost in a bigger piece. Electric light is far too crude for these so I keep them candles only.  You can have hooks in different rooms and move these around.

I even do a mini version when I find tiny components, so these are for just 2 candles rather than 3 above. Here the little cutter at the bottom is about the size of a 50p piece. These two Duets will be for sale at my upcoming show  'A Light Shower' (see earlier post), I give 2% of my profits to the Paul D'Auria Cancer Support Centre every year and at every show I match the sale of the Mini Duet as a donation. Last time I did a solo show I sold the Mini as I was hanging the show and it was bought as a wedding present which is perfect.
The Mini will be around £195 and the regular Duets from £265.

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