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Friday, 30 September 2011


The Museum of Everything No. 4 exhibition.....

.....is on in Selfridge's (400 Oxford Street) basement
until 25th of October. I liked this best out of all their exhibitions, so inspiring. Most of these artists are fixated by something, I loved all the clay cameras made by a blind man, I'm still trying to comprehend that.  And there's a beautiful painting of an extension lead.  Definitely check out their website. They are looking for volunteers to help with the exhibition so if you're not busy what better place to be...
They've also got a great shop on the ground floor and have developed some lovely stuff around their signature graphics.
Also worth seeing is Power of Making at the V&A until 2nd Jan - it's free. Happily this is not your usual craft show, it displays hand made stuff extending into digital and medical arenas including the very useful and very useless. There's even a cake that looks like a real baby, that was on the dark side - something craft shows have been lacking. Check out Sugru hacking material - you could adapt everything in your home, its a silicone that you form yourself. I loved the example of some wrapped around the thong bit of an uncomfortable flip-flop - it can stop an object that doesn't work very well from being redundant - genius.
And apart from 'Origin' I successfully avoided Design Week again - oh too much stuff!

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