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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Back Home

This is where I've been. The pond in the idyllic Pilchuck Glass School campus, north of Seattle in a tree farm. We swam here on a hot day, at night there was always a loud frogs chorus here.

My fellow team members for our (awesome) course Hot and Ready Made in Session 2 of the Pilchuck summer school, more of this later.

I loved Seattle.

I don't think you could beat life on a houseboat there.

Next stop was Vancouver and a view from Granville Island.

A sunset strip of my next destination, Los Angeles, which I loved though I hadn't expected to.

I'd always wondered why Venice in LA is so called - but now I know after a walk round the canals and all the amazing homes there. Apparently this was a run down area not so long ago, hard to imagine that now.
There's a whistle stop tour for now, but there's more pics and info to come.
Welcome new followers, after neglecting blogging for 5 weeks or more I'm not sure how I got more visitors!


  1. Welcome home!

    The pics look great - and a wonderful taster of more things to come hopefully ;-)

    Glad you had a fab time x


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