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Thursday, 31 March 2011

"The Box"

Learning about the bandoneon

"The Box", the peoples instrument, is of course the accordion, but speaking of the box, TV is rubbish - I only have 5 channels so hurray for i player and here's a series that's a dream come true from BBC Scotland, 'The World Accordion to Phil", 4 one hour episodes about the history, travels and evolution of accordion music. Episode 3 is my soul home; France, Bucharest and Russia. Episode 2 is all Celtic and I could skip that one but episode 4 is the Americas ending in Buenos Aires with the tango. The 1st episode starts with the original instrument, China and the accordion factories of Italy. It's a fascinating trail and a lovely host, I think I shall watch them all again, only 6 days left so hurry.

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  1. I've passed this link on to one of my M.A. friends who is a fab accordion player too! She was very excited!! ;-)


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