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Friday, 21 January 2011

Flowers on Friday

There hasn't been much good daylight in my studio recently so I haven't photographed things I've wanted to but there's a bit of sunlight now to present this cheery, bright flower painting. I dont actually go looking for these, I just keep an eye out if I'm out hunting for work stuff. Also I dont need them and I dont like walls to be too cluttered, I prefer pictures to have lots of breathing space around them if possible - but at the same time I'm crazy about images. I also got totally seduced by this genre - serious amateur flower painting, this one is particularly splashy and screams sunshine at you. I think it's the one I've paid most for, 30 euros in a bric a brac warehouse in the south of France - but not a bad price for flowers that will last for ever.


  1. Wow - you really ARE into your flower paintings!

    I sometimes like an isolated picture by itself - but more often than not my walls are cluttered with portaits all sporadically but aesethitcally placed ;-)

  2. indeed a real cheery french bargain. rather partial to a naive flower daub myself as are my etsy and london based clients, they sell like hot (house) cakes! new to your cheerily stylish slice of blogland , be back soon, linda ...


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