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Monday, 6 December 2010

Colour schemes

Not so long ago I had a commission for a candles only chandelier from a customer in Germany. I don't often get asked to work with black. I do use it occasionally but as I'm working with light it's not a natural choice. One of the things I like about commissions is that I do work with colour mixes I might not have put together myself. Often I work with paint or fabric swatches or luscious wall paper samples and this is the fun bit, mixing glass and component colours like a paint palette. Here the mix we settled on was black with purple, amethyst and lilac along with smokey grey colours and clear. The shippers got ot to Hamburg by next day delivery and about a day and a half later my lovely customer sent a photo of the piece very speedily and happily installed. Result!


  1. I love the way your chandelier looks in this environment. Unexpected and classy. Can you post the chandelier you did a few years ago with giant eggs, shells and feathers please??

  2. Hi David, well it wasn't my design as such and I so I don't use it but I can personally send you a snap if you really really want...looking forward to trying on all your new designs when I come to Bruxelles!!

  3. The chandelier looks stunning. I always love it when customers send me in situ photos, it really makes the work come alive.

  4. Oh that's it - ...just tempt me even more!!! Teehee - I want, I want, I want one...! I think we should go ahead with that commission you know! ;-) x


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