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Sunday, 8 August 2010

If we weren't watching TV.......

We found a fantastic second-hand bookshop on the day out in Broadstairs. I bought two lovely books based around the Home Workshop. They show you how to make everything, even this outdoor aviary!  And Gents I hope you wear waistcoat and tie when executing handywork!

Look I could even be making my own cake tins.
They are full of beautiful plans and illustrations showing us that if we weren't consuming entertainment we could be making our own deckchairs, dog kennels, rabbit hutches, crazy paving, air raid shelters, wireless radios....... There's even a page on adding an extra leaf to a table and "Remedying ill fitting drawers" - that title is pure poetry I think you'll agree.
And guess how much they cost..........20p each from the bargain trolley.


  1. A simply constructed summer house?!? Nowt simple about that I wouldn't have thought! I don't think I could even manage the cake tin! (But yes, I would insist on dressing like that!) x

  2. Maybe you could try the simple tea tray or book ends to start with then and perhaps work up to a handy cupboard or two.

  3. Hello at last. Summer has flown by (if you could call it that)but I do visit you often just haven't had time to stop and talk. Hope all is well with you.


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