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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Weekend up North

I had a quick weekend away in Doncaster visiting friends. We had one really lazy day with food, cats and Prosecco followed by an early Sunday start at the Car Boot Sale. It didn't seem at all promising, you know the feeling, a sea of kids clothes and plastic toys, Katie Price books and Beckham tumblers etc., and you wonder if you'll find one little thing to feel it was a worthwhile hunt. Well we did!, the final total was quite good, between three of us we got 12 punch cups, 6 whirled salmon pink cups and 6 tiny opalescent cups, which just goes to show you should never give up hope.......In French there is a verb I love - 'chiner' - it means to hunt for bargains, "j'ai chine aux Puces" (sorry the e needs an acute accent) we dont have an equivalent in English as far as I know, isn't it a great word for all us flea market fiends?

In the afternoon we went to Hardwick Hall, famous for it's glass which was very ostentatious in it's day. It's a National Trust property in Derbyshire.
My fellow blogger Thoughts of Houdini has written about it on this page if you scroll down, so I wont repeat, but well worth a visit and lunch in the old kitchen.
The thing that I liked best there amongst all the fabulous tapestries and paintings etc., was this lock in the lid of a chest, I love this kind of thing, madly beautiful engineering.
Someone worked that all out and made it!
I was so happy to get a photograph because it was so dark in there and we weren't allowed to use flash, the shutter seemed open for ages, but it's ok for getting the gist.

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