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Thursday, 18 March 2010

RUST made in england

I recently finished this chandelier with opal glass cups. It's going to a beautiful jewellery shop in Harajuku in Tokyo. I met Nao from Rust when I was in Tokyo (though he's actually based not far from me in South London) He was encouraging me to start a Blog - well I have!!
Nao was there to redecorate and relaunch the shop and I was there having my second exhibition at Found. Nao and Artemis are now decorating Rust's new London premises so check Artemis' blog for info on that as it should be open next month.


  1. WOW this looks absolutley stunning and will look perfect in Tokyo!!

    Love your chandeliers ;-) - would you mind if I mentioned them (and maybe a picture or two) on my blog?


    Houdini x

  2. Hello Houdini,
    How nice, you're my first out-of-the-blue commenter on my blog!, I dont have an award for that - sorry. It's lovely to discover your blog too and I'm about to leave you a message on the very moving post about your sister.
    Yes - please go ahead and use pictures, it would be great to be included on your blog.
    Madeleine x

  3. Wow this is really kind of crazy cool. Saving this in my "future home inspiration" folder. :)


    Bre @ http://theredbungalow.blogspot.com

  4. Hello red bungalow - actually it's all the other chandeliers that are crazy whilst mine are normal! who wants tons of crystal anyway?


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