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Thursday, 25 February 2010

A Fine Haul

I hadn't intended to include all my findings in this blog - BUT I was so excited with my haul today I just had to. I peddled up to Camberwell and the Walworth Rd to check out the charity shops - something I do to avoid cabin fever in the studio, especially if it's a nice fresh morning and I can get some exercise before the rain returns (which it has). Thanks to The Geranium Shop, Scope and Trinity Hospice shops I got 32 glass cups in one haul! and 5 nice little glasses, I also managed to get them all in one big bag and cycle them home safely.


  1. Fabulous!! Walworth road is good for something!

    Your new blog look great and thanks so much for the links to our sites too! and hope to see some posts by Otis too at some point?!

  2. Thanks, Otis will definitely appear!, he's working up to his debut but probably could do with his own blog. He's curled up in the only comfy chair in the studio, snoring loudly, very sweet.


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